10 Thing’s I Know that (maybe) you don’t…

32427_566808516666122_30161956_nToday I heard that part of our Mission here on this Planet is to share what we have experienced and learned with others. That is not always as easy as it sounds. As I can not  know what you know, I can only start from here, i.e. where I am today. Then it Comes to my mind that many of the things I know have been said in many ways, by many People. I am thankful to them all for bringing me to where I am. So here I go…here is my contribution.

1. I do not have a Soul. I AM a Soul.
2. I am not my Body. It is my vehicle for this Human Experience that I am having.
3. There are different dimensions of being that exist parallel & interactive with one    another.
4. This is not the only Human experience I have ever had. I may be having several experiences right this moment. (Time is only an added Dimension here on this 3rd dimensional plane of being making it seem as though there where a “past” and a “future”).
5. My body (& everything else in the physical world) is made up of atoms, but since atoms are 99,9% empty space, I & my world are practically empty.
6. There is really nothing that exists outside of my imagination. My mind filters everything I come into contact with.
7. The thoughts in my head are mostly not mine, but rotating trash placed there by my surrounding environments.
8. When I stop the sounds & thoughts that are running through my head (like when I meditate or walk in nature), I experience an expansive silence. That might be me.
9. When I realize that I am thinking, & I listen to my thoughts, I realize that I am not the thinking, but I am the one listening to the thinker. (Try thinking about this until you get it, it’s worth it!)
10. Everything I think I know may not even be close to the truth.

Peace & Love, Helen


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Angels in the Sky

                                                          Angels in the Sky

Angels decorated the morning sky-
leaving me in awe of the depth & magnificence
of this life & my part of it.
1000’s of them, perhaps 100,000’s
Gloriously descending upon us & Mother Earth.
*Glory be on High*


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When the Days are Near Enough ~ by Helen Tellock

The message, (I left it for myself), says that when the days are near enough I will begin to know again.

“Do not wish for it too fast – enough damage was done – participate in the HEALING.


I AM The LIGHT. I volunteered, it will be done.


I AM from Alpha-Centuria. I came to pay back karmic Debts for havoc caused on planet Earth by my people eons ago (*). Now at this time of Great Need for Holders of the Light – True Warrior Hearts, I have COME, TO BE AND DO MY BEST. I AM a Being Great & Tall – I have gone through the many cycles of existence again. The entire cyclic evolutionary process has now been almost completed. Light has once again entered The Great Mother Earth. We are ALL here now to see to it that ALL Goes WELL.

It was a long & wearisome voyage; these passing’s of the AGES. I long for HOME now, like many of us do. How Grand & yet sad, the beginning of the End – and the pre-start of a New Beginning.

(*) My people came to Earth & broke the Cosmic Laws. They caused mutations among the Creatures who were just emerging. We were the “Horse-people“. The damage caused was great. The Powers had to “clean” the planet. We weren’t the only ones. Many came. Many contributed to the destruction. Willed – or un-willed, some knowing – some ignorant too simple to understand themselves (us perhaps?) what the Lords of the Upper D’s (dimensions) knew. We understand much more now too. Our evolution has also continued, way much farther than I in my “human” confinement can begin to imagine.

Ab – a – Lu – Da A – Men

Love & peace, Helen

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If I could make a Wish…

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Human-sein* – what a beautiful Gift ♥ “Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you…” The depths, or heights of True Love are incredulous all levels of Being, having been cleansed of negativity, Purify … Continue reading

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12.12.12 at 12:12

There is something truly special in the air today with all these twelve’s! Maybe it’s the coming of the full alignment with the Great Central Sun. Maybe it’s the fact that so many, thousands (at least!), are centering themselves, in their hearts. Huge numbers of people are meditating, praying, sending out of positive energy into the energy field of our planet. Our mother feels our love  again now, I’m sure of it! We, all of us together, are sending out the signal for the creation of our NEW & WONDERFUL WORLD. We are creating it right now!  Every moment each and every one of us is sending out energy. Not just your ACTIONS, but also your thoughts, are energy. By thinking, and by wishing for positive things, you are filling your energy field, and all that surrounds you, with the force of positivity.  Do some little thing, think some little thought, send it out into the world…and it will MULTIPLY all by itself.


Peace & Love, H.

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Last Chance – Last Days –

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Everybody gets 24 hours a day here on this Planet. Still some people’s “Time” is way more limited than others. Why is that? Are they trying to cram too much in? Has someone put up a big sign somewhere that … Continue reading

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The Beginning

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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