12.12.12 at 12:12

There is something truly special in the air today with all these twelve’s! Maybe it’s the coming of the full alignment with the Great Central Sun. Maybe it’s the fact that so many, thousands (at least!), are centering themselves, in their hearts. Huge numbers of people are meditating, praying, sending out of positive energy into the energy field of our planet. Our mother feels our love  again now, I’m sure of it! We, all of us together, are sending out the signal for the creation of our NEW & WONDERFUL WORLD. We are creating it right now!  Every moment each and every one of us is sending out energy. Not just your ACTIONS, but also your thoughts, are energy. By thinking, and by wishing for positive things, you are filling your energy field, and all that surrounds you, with the force of positivity.  Do some little thing, think some little thought, send it out into the world…and it will MULTIPLY all by itself.


Peace & Love, H.


About Helen Tellock

I AM a SPARK of the FLAME Eternal - here for the Master Years. Greetings to all my friends
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