When the Days are Near Enough ~ by Helen Tellock

The message, (I left it for myself), says that when the days are near enough I will begin to know again.

“Do not wish for it too fast – enough damage was done – participate in the HEALING.


I AM The LIGHT. I volunteered, it will be done.


I AM from Alpha-Centuria. I came to pay back karmic Debts for havoc caused on planet Earth by my people eons ago (*). Now at this time of Great Need for Holders of the Light – True Warrior Hearts, I have COME, TO BE AND DO MY BEST. I AM a Being Great & Tall – I have gone through the many cycles of existence again. The entire cyclic evolutionary process has now been almost completed. Light has once again entered The Great Mother Earth. We are ALL here now to see to it that ALL Goes WELL.

It was a long & wearisome voyage; these passing’s of the AGES. I long for HOME now, like many of us do. How Grand & yet sad, the beginning of the End – and the pre-start of a New Beginning.

(*) My people came to Earth & broke the Cosmic Laws. They caused mutations among the Creatures who were just emerging. We were the “Horse-people“. The damage caused was great. The Powers had to “clean” the planet. We weren’t the only ones. Many came. Many contributed to the destruction. Willed – or un-willed, some knowing – some ignorant too simple to understand themselves (us perhaps?) what the Lords of the Upper D’s (dimensions) knew. We understand much more now too. Our evolution has also continued, way much farther than I in my “human” confinement can begin to imagine.

Ab – a – Lu – Da A – Men

Love & peace, Helen


About Helen Tellock

I AM a SPARK of the FLAME Eternal - here for the Master Years. Greetings to all my friends
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